For as long as I can remember, I have always had a desire to help others.  To do lists from when I was a child would often include things like "make a difference in someone's life" and "save the world."  

My journey has been a winding path of all kinds of different education, jobs and experiences that have helped me to be where I am today.  

My formal education includes a master's degree from Western Michigan University where my primary areas of focus were in psychology and business.  I am also a Certified ThetaHealing® energy healer.  I have always had a passion for natural and holistic health and wellness and have read many books and reports on this topic.  I have experienced self-guided healing from a variety of my own illnesses, issues and ailments, the list of which can be found here.  This was done a variety of ways that included changing food habits, re-programming thoughts and energy healing to name a few.  It has always been my goal to "be the best me I can be" so I have been working on myself quite deeply from the inside out for most of my life.  I have read and studied many self-help books and exercises and have always been helping others with theses types of issues.  I also have a great interest in romantic relationships (because I am obsessed with love :) and have a lot of wisdom, knowledge and expertise in this area as well.  

I have been very empathic and intuitive for as long as I can remember.  I have always been able to "sense" a great deal that seemed to go unnoticed by others around me.  I also went through a very intense spiritual awakening process a few years back which has helped me to remember more and more about myself and who I truly am.   Through this process my intuitive abilities have increased and continue to do so all of the time.  My path is very much centered on spirituality and service to humanity.  I have so much love in my heart for every single person and every living thing on this planet and in the universe as well!!!

It is my strong desire to help as many people as possible heal themselves from whatever is getting in the way of their life, be it physical, spiritual, mental, emotional or all of the above.  I take a holistic approach to everything that I do.  It is also my strong desire to assist others in waking up to their own true and full potential; for them to remember who they truly are and to step into their own power.  You can read more about the services I offer here.  

~Much LOVE and many BLESSINGS~

~ Tanni